I'm not a fan of transliteration, transcription, romanization, or khmerization. I prefer keeping technical terms in their orginal form or in brackets if those words are not formally adopted in the academics. Media, conventional bloggers, or tech enthousiast may be proud in converting every word into our written language, but I find this act as an anarchy by intellectuals. It may be fine in reporting news or popular trends where almost everyone is aware of those terms but in science and engineering, transcription of original terms will simply make things chaotic. And future generation will adopt them in even more blindly chaotic manners.

Thanks to the open source community, we get many things for free. However, nothing is free. These free contributions are from givers who spend their time and effort. Please acknowledge their contribution by trying not to vandalize the community, by building more contributions, and by telling friends and yourself that the future starts from now.