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Welcome to Khmer Wikipedia. Please use Khmer or English if possible in the discussing pages so that other people can understand and can share ideas. Thank you--គីមស៊្រុន ០៦:២៦, ២៥ ឧសភា ២០០៨ (UTC)

Translation : They required you for the translation texts to English. If this is cartoon it might be very funny :D ... and other general texts

You should use English or Khmer to disccuss what you want or something else.... but dont use other language in khmerwiki because others people dont know what you want to do..........others maybe can help you....... --T-Rithy ១៥:១០, ២៥ ឧសភា ២០០៨ (UTC)

Well, well well. You must accept the consequences of this. You may not know now, but automatic translation to English is rather cannot be understand than talking to their own language. This is the reason : if I talked to him in English, I would have get a rubbish translation from useless software; it had happenned before. Anyway, if you want to talk in English then accept it; his English wouldn't be comprehensible as my one. Suit yourself, sir.

but what do u want to do in khmer wiki? what is ur purpose? i dont see u doing anything ........if u can help khmer wiki it is a kind of u . khmer wiki will say thank to u .--T-Rithy ១១:២៦, ២៦ ឧសភា ២០០៨ (UTC) thank--hi5dn|talk ១៣:១៦, ២២ ខែមិថុនា ២០០៨ (UTC)

At the time, only Cambodian nationals are eligible to request administrator status in Khmer Wikipedia. This is not a kind of discrimination over foreigners who are willing to help improve this wiki, this is a measure to protect us from vandalism. We experienced a bad vandalism from some bad people who were believed to be Thais (we could identify him at once with his IP address). So our community decided not to allow, not only Thai but also people from other countries, asking for administrator status. If you are willing to help us improving Khmer wikipedia, please contribute as a simple user. Thank you.--គីមស៊្រុន ១០:១៦, ២៣ ខែមិថុនា ២០០៨ (UTC)

I don't understand your English. Thanks, --Kiensvay ១០:២៧, ២៤ ខែមិថុនា ២០០៨ (UTC)



If sentences are pointed, translated sub-title will be appeared.

แค่บอกเขาว่า เอ็งเกรียนหน่ะ และเขาก็รับทราบแล้ว ภารกิจของผมที่นี่จบแล้วหล่ะ มีอะไรไปคุยกันที่ไทยก็แล้วกัน

ป.ล. ต่อให้ประเทศเขาจะยังด้อยกว่าเรา แต่เขาก็ไม่โง่พอที่จะหยิบยื่นตำแหน่งผู้ดูแลให้ใครง่ายๆหรอก เอ็งออกจะดูถูกเขามากไปแล้ว ทำอย่างนี้เนี่ย ที่เสียหายคือประเทศชาตินะโว้ย เด็ก 10 ขวบ ปากไม่สิ้นกลิ่นน้ำนมอย่างเอ็ง กำลังสร้างความบาดหมายระหว่างชาติ อยู่นะโว้ย มันจะมากเกินไปแล้วนะ

--Brandy Frisky ១៤:៥៣, ២៥ ខែមិថុនា ២០០៨ (UTC)

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ម៉ោង០៣:០៣ ថ្ងៃពុធ ទី១៨ ខែមីនា ឆ្នាំ២០១៥ (UTC)

ម៉ោង០៩:១៩ ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យ ទី១៩ ខែមេសា ឆ្នាំ២០១៥ (UTC)